Back in the day . . .

I am sure you have all heard at some point in your life, your parents or grandparents say "back in the day when I went to school . . ."

I certainly know I have!

Well this is it folks, this is the schoolhouse where they went to school "back in the day". Complete with outhouse and all! :)

I happened to stumble across this old schoolhouse while we were driving around on the Kentucky backroads. I absolutely love it - reminds me of when my dad would tell me how hard he had it and how he use to walk 5 miles to school - rain, shine or snow and how he had to get there by 5 am to put wood in the stove so the schoolhouse could get warm.

My dad passed away in '98 and all those years he never let on that his story was anything other than the truth. Well I recently found out from my grandmother it was anything but the truth! My grandmother couldnt believe he told me that and for 36 years never let me know he was kidding. LOL!!

Photo By: TSE


At 10/16/2007 5:18 PM, Blogger Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

My grandmother used to teach in one like that, in upstate New York. I absolutely love seeing all the old buildings, especially from the 1800's.
Karen C.


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