An Angel got her wings today

After I go and prepare a place for you,
I will come back and take you to be with me so that you may be where I am.
JOHN 14:3

After her battle with cancer - today, October 31, 2006 my mom went home. Home to heaven. I love you Mama and will miss you so very, very much. Words could never express how much.


Happy Halloween from Faith


Aprillee's Halloween

Like its not enough they put this stooopid hat on me in public, at Petsmart. But now . . . now I have it posted on the internet for all the world to see?! Sheeeeesz. *wink wink*
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Tortie tails

Callie's Self Portrait.
Happy Halloween!
Photo & Artwork By: TSE

Reminding myself . . .

God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.

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Peek a . . . Boo!

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Welcome. Dont be shy, come on in!


Calico tails

Self portrait - Sydney
Photo & Artwork By: TSE


And the winner is . . .

Aprillee had the most views on Flickr so that makes her 1st cat! First cat of mine to have their very own blog entry here on The Kitty Cats Corner. Here's her story.
My husband found a little calico cat that was sweet as can be at a dumpster near his work. Not like we needed another addition to the family, but we couldnt just leave her there. Well the vet confirmed that the little calico cat which we fondly named Sydney, was pregnant! After a couple months of good food, care & love, on September 17, 2005, Sydney started to give birth around 10 am.
Soooo here I go calling my mom, who was in Alaska at the time, to tell her the kittens were being born! Of course she was as excited as I was and said if the first one was a girl, that it had to be named her favorite name April and her maiden name Lee. I agreed, and the two of us on the phone together, anxiously awaited the first born to arrive. No less than a few minutes later, a tiny kitten appeared. It was a girl! A sweet little dilute calico. April!
Over the next hour, Sydney gave birth to 5 more beautiful kittens. A total of 6 kittens altogether! Each one unique in markings. Each one so tiny, perfect & precious.
As the months passed by I knew the time was drawing near to find them good homes. After 6 months had passed, it was time and as hard as it was to let them go, I know they have wonderful homes. That I made sure of!
But two stole my heart that I couldnt let them go. Mittens, and I bet you can guess the other. Aprillee of course!


Happy Fall Y'all!

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All battles cant be won . . .

When the good Lord calls your name,
will you be afraid?

Or will you say . . . "I'm good to go."

"I'm Good to Go"

Words spoken by a pilot, a friend, and the most beautiful, strongest person I know. My mom.

I love you Mama.