You are missed more than words can say

Today, October 31, will make it 1 year since my mom passed away from cancer.

I cant believe its been a whole year. It seems like yesterday she was still here with me and could wrap her arms around me the way only a mother could.

I miss her smile, I miss her laugh, I miss her voice, her advice, her always being there when I needed her. Mama I miss you so much.

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Its Halloween time

My creation


A Winning Weekend!

As most of you know, I took Bree to her 1st cat show this past weekend. She was shown in the kitten division as she is under 8 months of age (she is 5 months old).

There were SIX judges - all cats & kittens are seen by all the judges. Out of those SIX judges, she won FOUR Best of Breed (which is like 1st place for her particular breed-American Shorthair kittens) and she won TWO 2nd Best of Breed (which of course is like 2nd place for her particular breed-American Shorthair kittens). She placed with every judge!

Also, all SIX judges awarded Bree Best of Color for her particular breed-American Shorthair kittens.

Towards the end of the show, all SIX judges pick their Top Ten cats & kittens. Their Top Ten can be any breed. Out of the six judges, Bree was chosen by THREE judges as one of their TOP TEN kittens!!

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Wish us Luck!

Ms. Amelia Bree Ann and I leave on Friday to attend our 1st cat show on Saturday!
She will be shown in the Kitten Class as she is 5 months old. After 8 months of age she will then be shown in Premier.

I am very excited and very nervous all at the same time. Bree however couldnt care either way. LOL!

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And the good Lord will provide

I took a picture of this barn earlier in the season and titled it "Rows of Life", it was taken when the corn was about an inch high. This shot was taken exactly one month later. Just look how that corn has grown!

See the other shot here:

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Lovely little Aprillee

I will be taking Aprillee to the cat show in November. She will be shown in the Household Pet category.

Aprillee loves to go to PetSmart in her harness and leash - she even rides in the buggy! She recently went to the nursing home and let the elderly people pet and love on her. She did so well and seemed to love all the attention.

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Come on - throw it again!

Abbey loves to play ball outside -
she will bring it back to you as many times as you will throw it.
I have learned that I run out of energy long before she does! LOL!
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Back in the day . . .

I am sure you have all heard at some point in your life, your parents or grandparents say "back in the day when I went to school . . ."

I certainly know I have!

Well this is it folks, this is the schoolhouse where they went to school "back in the day". Complete with outhouse and all! :)

I happened to stumble across this old schoolhouse while we were driving around on the Kentucky backroads. I absolutely love it - reminds me of when my dad would tell me how hard he had it and how he use to walk 5 miles to school - rain, shine or snow and how he had to get there by 5 am to put wood in the stove so the schoolhouse could get warm.

My dad passed away in '98 and all those years he never let on that his story was anything other than the truth. Well I recently found out from my grandmother it was anything but the truth! My grandmother couldnt believe he told me that and for 36 years never let me know he was kidding. LOL!!

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Ms Amelia Bree Ann

Amelia Bree Ann
She is a 5 month old American Shorthair and such a doll.
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