Run like the wind

There is nothing quite as beautiful as an Arabian in motion.
Shahlee is an example of just that.
Photo By: TSE


Barren and cold

Photo By: TSE


Happy New Year!


Holiday dining

Our dining room table this year for Christmas.

Photos By: TSE


Well hello Frosty

This is probably my favorite Frosty that I have.
I dont know about you,
but I cant help but smile at his happy little face.
Photo By: TSE


Meet Chatters

For any of you familiar with FaceBook - this is an application on Facebook where you can "adopt" virtual pets. Yes its silly - I know. :) This is the pet I chose and I named him Chatters. They just came out with the holiday decorations today so I spruced up his page a bit. LOL!!


Meowy Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas cats that I have. He's just so darn cute!
Photo By: TSE


Window shopping

One of Sydney's favorite things is to just sit in front of the window,
watching the birds, the bugs or anything else that might pass by.
Photo By: TSE