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We will be out of town (going to London!!) from December 27 - January 10.
We will see you next year! Warmest Holiday Wishes to all!


A cat tale

Cats were a revered animal in Egypt. Egypt had a cat goddess, Bast or Bastet, and all cats themselves were considered demigods. Cats lived pretty cushy lives, better so than many of the people of Egypt themselves.

Egypt's original use of cats was to keep the royal granaries and such of Egypt vermin free. The cat's job itself was not so simple; the vermin bred quite rapidly and ate like kings in the mountains of grain. The Pharaoh realized that he needed all the cats he could get, and being a king-god himself he made the cats demigods. All cats were considered property of the Pharaohs, because a human can't own a demigod, but can feed, and shelter one. As a result of all cats being not only demigods also Pharaoh property, it was a felony to kill or injure one, even by accident, the consequence sometimes resulting in death. If a house caught on fire the cats were the first to be rescued, then the humans.

If a cat died in the normal course of events, the household went into special ritualistic mourning where the humans shaved off their eyebrows, chanted while beating their breasts, and demonstrating other outward signs of grief at their loss. The body of the cat was first brought to a priest to make sure the death of the cat was natural, after that was finished with the body was brought to an embalmer to be mummified.

Aided by the priests, the belief that cats had a strong influence upon things such as health, marriage, and fortune spread over Egypt quite rapidly. The cat goddess Bastet, often depicted with a cat's head and a woman's body, was the goddess of family and life. Bast is often seen holding in her left hand an utchat, an all seeing cat eye amulet that was believed to have magical powers. The utchat was seen in kitchens, on necklaces, on doors, and many other places because it was believed to watch over people and served as some sort of protection.

The ancient Egyptian love for cats is incomparable to that of any other civilization. They were held as greatly needed by city workers, beyond reproach and dearly loved family members. Their deaths were as upsetting as that of a human, if not more, and their all seeing eyes were amulets for those in need of protection. Today cats are no longer demigods or city workers, but in many cases they are still dearly loved family members.

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Oh boy! Oh boy! Santa came early!

Santa "did" have toys stashed away, saving them for Christmas. However, Kirby had other plans and obviously couldn't wait!

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But aren't these made for me?!

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Hmmmm, now why does this scene seems sooooo familiar?

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Its just not the same . . .

Merry Christmas Mama.
I miss you so very much.
I wish you were here.
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Time flies

Our little Faith is growing up so fast.

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Highlands, NC

In the presence of eternity, the mountains are as transient as the clouds.

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Wanna take a guess on how many Cat Ornaments there are?
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Holiday tradition

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One of my favorite times during Christmas is late at night. The house is quiet and still and everyone is fast asleep. Its dark inside except for the twinkling of the Christmas lights and Christmas music can be heard playing ever so softly from somewhere in the house. I sit, gazing at the lights, smiling to myself of how every Christmas can bring that feeling of magic, wonder & awe.

Like a holiday tradition playing out every year, this is the time she comes to me. She'll circle the tree once, looking under it as if to admire its beauty, she then will come to me and lay in my arms. Its our special time together. Its a magic moment that only Christmas can bring and the bond shared between us can make.

We sit together in silence for an hour, maybe more, just looking, listening and enjoying the wonder & beauty that only Christmas can hold. This is our special time. This is our time together.

THIS IS my favorite holiday tradition that Sweetie & I share. Merry Christmas.


Just so you know . . .

I am not huffy or stuffy,
nor tiny or tall.
But fluffy, just fluffy,
with no fat at all.
per Chloe

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