What a beautiful baby . . .

One of the same kittens from KY. Isnt she a beauty?
Photo By: TSE


Tails up!

Aren't they adorable?
While visiting family in KY a couple summers ago, we saw some of the cutest kittens running around outside an old barn. We stopped and spent the rest of the afternoon taking pics and loving on them. I think it tickled that old farmer to death watching us "city folk" sitting outside his barn all day in the grass, playing with some kittens.
Photo By: TSE


So abused . . .

Snickers has such a hard life. Dont ya think?
Photo By: TSE


Fur Blot Test

What do you see?

Photo By: TSE


Lemur at his best!

I dont know about you, but I totally think he posed for this shot!
Photo By; TSE


Litt'le bit o England

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Back Home!

More pics coming soon of London.
Gonna get some much needed rest first.

Photo By: TSE